Folks Insisted on a Current Picture

Welcome to my personal website

Here you will find an archive of my ideas, opinions and original writings. This is a vanity site where I get to rant or pontificate on any topic that suits my fancy, regardless of my actual qualifications to do so.  Hey, unknowledgeable talking heads on TV get to do this, and they expect to be PAID for it.  At least here it's free.

As a public service, and in the spirit of "giving back" to the community, I have set up a system whereby you, the gentle reader, can actually ask me questions on a variety of topics, and I can respond in my usual deep and profoundly thought provoking manner.

So, whether you have arrived via a google search on the phrase "ALL-KNOWING PROTEAN GENIUS", or if you simply misspelled your intended domain destination, stay awhile and munch on the brain candy you'll find here.

You'll be a better person for it.